BC Rockies Treasure Trails

The partners in BC Rockies Treasure Trails have established geocaches in various locations up and down the valley in special places that hi-light the wonders and beauty of the Windermere Valley. The geocaches are on trails or loops that make nice and easy day-trips. Take the time to enjoy the scenery and the wildlife while you search. Come back often – we will be adding more trails and caches.

Bugaboo Trail

Bugaboo 1 - Lower Bugaboo Falls

Bugaboos Geocache is only a short hike from the trail head. Be sure to continue on to the falls – well worth the 1.5 km hike.

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Bugaboo 2 - Upper Bugaboo Fall

Bugaboos The Upper Bugaboo Falls are a gorgeous spot on the way to Bugaboo Provincial Park. Stop for a picnic and enjoy the falls. The Geocache is not far away, along the path.

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Bugaboo 3 - Bugaboo Provincial Park

Bugaboos Don’t forget your camera on this trip, the world-famous Bugaboo spires and glaciers are a sight to behold. The cache is not far down the trail – watch for a very large rock and don’t let this one “stump” you! Enjoy the trails while you are there!

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Bugaboo 4 - Septet Creek Campground

Bugaboos Septet Creek Campground gives a little different perception of the Bugaboo spires. You have to go upstream a little to find this one – you will definitely “log” this one.

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